What is a session like?

In general, a session starts with determining “Where are you and your dog at now?” so we can plan for “Where do you want to be with your dog?” The agenda will vary depending on the answers. I then suggest and demonstrate training exercises to get you and your dog to your goal. You will work the exercises, with my supervision, so you are ready to practice on your own. A few days after the session, I will send you an email reviewing the information discussed during training.

We can meet at your home, at Kindred Spirits, or anyplace where you would like to work with your dog:

  • Home visits are convenient for you and some behavior issues are best observed in the home.
  • Going for a walk with your dog should be one of life’s joys. Sometimes a few tips on a walk can make it more enjoyable.
Puppy training on up, in home or out and about, problems or obedience, we're here to help.