But She’s Perfect at Home!

“But she does everything perfectly at home!” We hear this phrase more than any other, hands down.

It happens to all of us at some point. Just when you think your dog knows a command, you ask her to do it when you’re out and about, and what you expect to happen… doesn’t happen. It’s normal–trust me, I hear about it daily! Even better, it’s just a phase of training, it’s fixable.

Here’s some tips if your dog isn’t perfect when away from home, practice:

  • in different places in the house, try the hallway or by the front door
  • while your sitting in a chair or even on the floor
  • while the TV or radio is on (and not on too quietly)
  • with your dog on leash, open the front door, then practice a little ways inside the house
  • in the back yard or patio
  • out in front of the house
  • out on a walk, stop and run through some commands, then continue your walk
  • before letting your dog in or out of the car, ask for a few sits and downs
  • go to a dog friendly shopping center, cafe, or trail and practice there

Take things slow–keep sessions short and fun. If your dog is having trouble, back up and make it a little easier. Use extra good treats to get your dog’s attention and build good habits (just be sure to slowly phase out treats once the habit is strong).

With a little bit of effort, dogs can behave out in public just as they do at home. No fuss!

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